The Show

November 22, 2009

You slip off the white tanktop and jeans, nipples hard peeking through your baby blue bra. Running your hand down your stomach, over your matching panties, laying down on your back now. I don’t say anything, but continue to watch, feeling my cock stiffen when your bra comes off and you lick your fingers, rubbing them on your perky tits.

Your hand finds its way inside your panties, and I’m envious of your fingers as they first brush against your clit and enter your shaved pussy. Watching your body move in pleasure while I have to sit here motionless is torture, but this is what we agreed on. You look at me with a smile, almost inviting, only to go right back to business, alternating hands and rubbing your juices on your tits.

Finally you throw me a bone by sliding your soaked panties off, opening your legs wide so I can get a glimpse of your pussy lips, watching your fingers dart in and out of your snatch while you work your throbbing clit with your thumb. My cock is begging to escape from my pants, but I don’t move a muscle. Your moans get louder, your kitty gets wetter and I can tell you’re getting close. The smell of your sex is about to make me go out of my mind, and I watch your body as you reach the top and orgasm, making the sheets all wet like only you can. I wait for the signal as you take it all in, and when your pussy stops quivering and the tremors slow down you finally give it to me.

“Game on.”