Eating in the car

October 25, 2009

Driving back from the city. I reach down between her legs and rub her crotch slowly. She gives me a look, but doesn’t want me to stop. I keep petting it, feeling her get hot. She’s still driving and I lean over, tell her to stop somewhere so I can eat her out.  But she doesn’t. She wants to keep teasing me. Fair enough.

I begin to rub her tits, sliding a hand down her shirt, over her bra. Even when I can feel her nipple get hard, she’s still trying to remain calm. I decide to keep rubbing her, and then I put my head down in her lap. Even though she’s wearing jeans, I still want to keep my face here. She decides to quickly pull over to a nearby park. There are no other cars, but I wouldn’t care even if there were.

Her pants and panties come down and now there’s nothing standing between my tongue and her freshly waxed pussy lips. I plunge into her, tasting her sex on my lips as she leans the seat back.  The angle on my neck is incredibly awkward, but I’m too into it to stop. The taste of her snatch is too powerful to resist. I could feel her start to quiver on my tongue, so I decided to give her throbbing clit the attention it deserves.

I flick at it, my tongue darting up and down on it. Kissing it. Teasing it. Pressing my lips against it and humming. I put two fingers inside of her while I buzz her clit with my tongue and her hips start to buck. The back of my head was pushed into the steering wheel, but  I hungrily lap at her kitty. I don’t stop until I can hear her, fell her, getting close.  She cums and drenches my face with her wetness. I come up with a smile all over my wet face and see the look of satisfaction on hers.

Five On It

October 17, 2009

I’m not one for narcotics. I don’t mess around with pills, needles, hallucinogens or anything that goes up my nose.

Weed’s different though. And even though it doesn’t have the same association with sex that coke or ecstacy does, it can be a huge aphrodisiac.

We were smoking a little, and when I was feeling nice and relaxed I started rubbing her shoulders and kissing her neck. Even doing this got me instantly hard, the combination of the smoke and her perfume intoxicating me. She took my hands and placed them on her tits, and I could feel her nipples stiffen up.

In no time her pants are off, shirt and panties still on. She pulls her blue thong to the side and slides  down onto my cock. She rides me in perfect concert with the motion of my hips. I’m feeling almost light-headed as we rock slowly back and forth. She’s so tight and her ass feels so perfect in my hands that I don’t know how I can last. I put my mouth on her breast that she pulled out of her shirt and she starts to grind a little faster. Her pussy starts to quiver as we pick up speed and I can feel her getting closer.

She cums and when I feel her start to clench up I bust inside of her, and even when it’s over we’re still locked in the same position. Neither one of us wants to move, and I just feel like kissing her and running my fingers through her hair. It’s an incredible afterglow, and I don’t want it to end.

Opening up, continued

October 8, 2009

I was exhausted. That orgasm wiped me out. But I felt selfish, getting to go crazy in her mouth and not being able to give her what she wants. And she’s definitely not done. Her pussy is glistening with wetness and she’s playing with her tits, rubbing my cum all over them. I move over to play with her clit, gently massaging it with my thumb. Then I lean in and tell her what she wants, and what I need.

“Ride my face.”

I think she was ready for that, because before I know it I’m on my back and she’s straddling right over my mouth. I hungrily reach my tongue up to taste her while she lowers herself on to me. I can hear her moan as I slide my tongue inside of her as far as I can. Moving my tongue around, pushing it back and forth I can feel how wet her pussy is. She plays with her tits while I rub her clit, and she starts riding my face while I tonguefuck her tight little kitty.

She starts to drip down on to my face but I can’t stop. After what she took out of me it’s going to be awhile before I can even get hard again, but I need to bring her to the finish. She starts bucking with more force while I palm her ass, and just when I think she’s going to fall off I move my mouth to her clit, taking it in my mouth. Now I push her ass with my hands and push back on her clit with my mouth. Humming on it. Buzzing it. Running my tongue along it. Now she’s grinding on my mouth and even though it’s getting faster and herder to take a breath I don’t stop. I can hear her moans getting louder and she’s about to burst.

“I’m gonnna cum!”

I keep going until I feel her pussy squirt on my face, which is my cue to move back inside of her lips, taking all of her wetness. In my mouth, on my face. I swallow as much as I can, letting the rest drench me. Then I make sure to lick her clean inside and out. After all, I need to be responsible for the mess I just made.

Opening up

October 4, 2009

“Fuck me.”

She’s on all fours on the bed, completely nude. Her pussy is dripping wet, and I rub my cock along her smooth, freshly waxed lips. Right when I’m about to enter her, she turns around and takes me in her mouth. Slowly she works her mouth up and down the shaft, taking it out to stroke it and lick my balls. While she works me helplessly in her hand, she looks up and says “I told you to fuck me.”

“Well then turn back around.”

“No, I want you to fuck my mouth. Just like it was my pussy.”

And now I’m feeling a little nervous. She’s taken me deep before, but I don’t know how hard or fast she wants it. It’s nice and wet and can take my dick, but a mouth just isn’t designed like a snatch. So I start pumping my hips slowly into her mouth, making surer not to go in too much. I pull back until just my head is in her lips. I put a hand on the back of her head to help guide me and I keep going. She doesn’t stop sucking, and I can hear every time she adds some more spit. Suddenly she stops and looks at me anxiously.

“I thought you were going to fuck my mouth. Now get to it.”

So I grab her head with both hands and I get to work. She’s opened her throat all the way and I start grinding my dick into her, sending it all the way back. She moans with excitement as I pick up speed. Her mouth feels perfect. She has her mouth fixed around it perfectly and she keeps it wet, allowing me to slide deep in her mouth. The faster I go the more she loves it, and soon I can’t take it anymore, and I pull out and cum on her tits. I figured her mouth needed a break, and she likes it when I cum on her tits anyway. As I hear her rub my cum on her tits and she looks at me with a worn out-but-satisfied smile, I think about what she just did. And what might be the best way to repay her . . .

Sugasm #174

October 4, 2009

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