Uptown Saturday Nite

September 28, 2009

I normally avoid going to douchebars or clubs on Saturdays. They’re pretty awful any day of the week, but they’re the worst on Saturday. The only thing that could possibly get me inside one of those crowded shitholes of overgrown fratboys, steroid users and “aspiring models” who don’t realize they live in the wrong city for that was that S happened to like these places, and I knew she would be there.

S and I have an understanding. I would say we’re fuckbuddies, but we’re not really buddies. After hooking up a while ago, we decided neither one of us wanted the burden of a relationship, or a person we fucked that was eventually going to become a relationship for one of us. We’ve never exchanged numbers, know hardly anything about each other’s lives and couldn’t care less. This is about sex, and I intend to keep it that way. The only way we ever even get together is to hit the town and see if we can find the other one alone and interested, a process that works maybe 10% of the time. But it had been awhile, so I figured I would give it a shot.

Sure enough, she’s alone at the bar. I walk over to her and say hi. She gives me a smile and we make some small talk (and we do manage to keep it small.) I haven’t seen her in a few but she looks much the same as I remember her. Short black hair (which at some point might have had red highlights but doesn’t anymore,) creamy skin, C cups, and dark brown eyes. She has put on some weight, but this is hardly a bad thing. It only makes her body that much more desirable.

Suddenly she’s got her hand in mine, and we head to the dance floor. I hate this, but tonight it will at least be worth it. After “dancing” (two minutes of awkwardness followed by a good 20 of kissing, grinding, teasing and touching,) we make our exit and take a cab to her place, as she mentions her roommate isn’t home. In the backseat, I slide my hand over inside of her thigh, and I can tell how hot she is. She does the same to me, then slowly unzips me before I stop her. Thankfully, we’ve arrived at her place.

We head inside and immediately start kissing on her couch. She finishes what she started and unzips me, my throbbing cock spilling out for her. I unbutton her shirt and play with her tits over her bra before I remove that. Her gorgeous nipples are nice and hard, and she tells me to stand up while she sits on the couch. I expect her to take me in her mouth, but to my surprise she slides my dick in between her tits. I thrust while she holds her tits together, creating an amazing feeling of her flesh against the head of my cock. I can look down and see her hand is down her pants, playing with herself. I decide to help her out.

Soon she’s completely nude and I’m licking her clit with two fingers deep inside of her snatch. She’s too wet for me to resist sticking my tongue inside and lapping her pussy up. I love the feeling of her wetness covering my face. After eating her to the brink of an orgasm, she stops and bends over the couch. I slide my engorged cock into her slowly, savoring the sensation of her tight little kitten covering me. I begin pumping her slowly, but she yells at me to go faster. I oblige and can feel her start to tighten up while her hand moves down to rub her clit. She starts cumming and the combination of her moans and her pussy soaking my dick is too much to take. I pull out and cum on her ass, right above the shamrock tattoo she has.

We lay on the couch for a couple minutes, but we both know the drill. We say our goodbyes (which is basically “see ya around, maybe.”) and I head out the door.

An Afternoon With The Ex

September 23, 2009

She said she would stop by, just since she was in town and it had been so long since we’ve seen each other. I was fine with it. After all, we’ve been able to remain on civil terms, even after the break up. Besides, it’s been a couple years, we should at least see if we can remain friends.

It’s a Sunday afternoon. The weather outside is grey and uninviting, and I am feeling an odd combination of boredom and anxiousness. She rings the door, and I answer. She walks in, looking nearly identical to the last time I saw her. Long, black curly hair, perfect caramel skin, thick hips. The only thing different about her is a small sparkle in her mouth when she talks. She pierced her tongue. If only I had known she would do that. I smiled and let her in.

Now we’re sitting on the couch, talking about friends we knew, people we have seen, making snide comments about those we never liked, and those we did like. She always had a cute smile. She says she’s glad I’m doing well, and as I get up and move behind her to rub her shoulders, she asks me what I’m doing.

“I seem to remember you liking this,” as I lean in and kiss her neck.

Damn. There’s no turning back from this. Am I insane? I lean in to do it again, and she turns to meet my lips. I feel her tongue stud playing around in my mouth.

“We shouldn’t do this,” she says, and then kisses me again. I take my hand and place it on her shoulder. She then grabs it and makes me rub her tit with it.

“You know you want to.” I come around the couch and my mouth makes it’s way down her mouth to her neck, and to her chest. I pull one side of her shirt down, exposing her nipple, which I proceed to lick and suck on until it’s nice and stiff.

She reaches down and can feel my cock stiffening through my pants. Exposing her tits, she rubs them against my chest, up and down, until she decides to unzip me. My dick pokes out at her, and a devilish smile comes across her face.

“I missed this.”

She begins to lick up the shaft and I remember why we stayed together so long. After all the fights, all the anguish, all the drama, this girl loved to give head like no other. And the tongue stud makes it that much better. The cool of the barbell mixed with the warmth of her tongue is the perfect sensation, and as she takes my head and then the whole of my shaft into her mouth, I nearly melt. I look down to watch her play with her tits, bouncing them up and down in her hands while she takes my now throbbing cock in and out of her mouth.

“Remember this,?” she asks as she takes my balls in her mouth while stroking my cock expertly with her hand. Then she relaxes her gag reflex and I fuck her throat, gripping the back of her head, running a hand through her hair while she takes every inch of me. But as euphoric as her mouth is, this is only half of what I enjoyed.

“I need to eat you out,” I moan.

And she stops to take off her jeans and slide her black panties down to the ground. We move into the bedroom and I sprawl her out on my bed, with her legs wide open. She’s rubbing her clit, and as I move my mouth up her thigh I get excited. Just as I remember it. Perfectly shaved lips, a nice little landing strip, wetter than I remember. I plunge my tongue deep inside of her, licking every inch of her sweet, drenched pussy. Both of our hands are on top of her clit, playing with it while my mouth soaks up her wetness. I slide two fingers in and move my mouth up to her clit, and her kitty feels so tight. I can already feel her start to shake a little as I run my tongue along her gorgeous clit. Then she does it.

She demands that I get up on the bed. I’m ready to fuck her little snatch until she can’t take it anymore, but she surprises me.

“No, you’re getting back in my mouth.”

As she positions her snatch right over my face, she swallows my still rock-hard cock. She lowers herself back down on my face and we’re in a 69. I don’t even know what the best part is. The fact that she can take my dick into her mouth and work it perfectly from this angle, the fact that I can feel her pussy drip down onto my face or the fact that I can feel both at the same time. I give her ass a smack and she responds with a moan, muffled by my dick being down her throat. She begins to suck harder and take her clit in my mouth, buzzing it between my lips while I finger her sweet pussy.

Soon I can feel her kitty start to convulse on my fingers and I know she’s about to cum. Luckily my cock can’t take much more of her teasing me with her tongue and I can tell she knows this. She opens up her throat while I rub her clit with my thumb and move my tongue down, lapping at her pussy, waiting for her to drench my face.

I can hear her start to make that adorable whimper she makes when her orgasm starts, and soon I am tasting the rewards, in my mouth and all over the rest of my face. I can barely concentrate on this, as I cum in her mouth while she cups my balls, the way she always liked.

We eventually got dressed and she left. I haven’t seen her since, but on lonely nights I still remember what we gave each other when there was nothing on the line except our own lust for each other.

Nights Like This

September 22, 2009

We sprint down the block, striving for the doorway to get out of the rain.  By the time we finally get to the entrance of your apartment, both of us are drenched. Your hair has fallen and your makeup is starting to run down your face, and this only turns me on more. We embrace and kiss, running our tongues along each other. We make tour way to the elevator, never letting go.

Once inside, you take my hand and slide it up your shirt. I can feel your nipple getting stiff as I pop it outside your bra, playing around with it between my thumbs while I palm your ass and pull your hips closer to mine. We don’t stop as the elevator opens and we stumble into your apartment. I pull your shirt off over your head, you rip mine open and I hold you up against the wall while you grind your crotch into my thigh. You move your lips around my face and neck while I reach back and remove your bra. You softly begin to moan as I bring my mouth down and kiss all over your tits, first circling the left and then the right.

Suddenly you unzip my pants and grab my now rock-hard cock and gently stroke it, leading me by it to your bedroom. You push me down onto the bed and slide my pants down after taking off your own.  My boxers come off and you begin to stroke harder, faster. You bring your mouth up to it and right before you take my dick in your mouth I put my hand out and stop you.

“Ladies first.”

Now you’re lying on the bed and I’m kissing over your wet panties. I slip my fingers inside the fabric and run them over your pussy lips, your clit, your thigh before I slide two of them inside of you. As I start to move my fingers around inside you, I pull your panties to the side and lightly touch my tongue against your clit, teasing it before I give it a big kiss. I alternate between flicking it, kissing it, licking it, sucking it and buzzing it between my lips while I finger your pussy, moving my fingers up to your G spot and pressing on it when I press down on your clit with my mouth. I can feel your tight little kitty start to shake and it’s not long before I feel your orgasm throb all over my fingers and mouth, completely soaking my face. I make sure to clean up the mess around your upper thighs and pussy with my tongue.

“Now it’s your turn,” you gasp with a smile.

You pick up right where you left off, running your tongue around the head of my cock, teasing it by licking all the way up and down the shaft. You move your expert tongue down to my balls, playing with them and licking them while you rub me. Then you move back up, taking my swollen cock all the way in your mouth, moving up and down while you shoot me the sexiest look imaginable. It’s all I can do not to cum right there, but I somehow hold off. But I can’t take much more, and the look in your eyes says you want to feel my throbbing dick inside of you.

So you get up, put me in a sitting position and slide down on my lap, easing me into you. I can instantly feel your wetness on the head of my cock and I thrust my hips to meet yours as you start to grind me. While you ride my dick, moaning in my ear I suck on your tits. I can hear the sound of my balls against your ass every time I push up and this makes you ride harder, faster, and as I feel your pussy beginning to tighten up I can almost feel the peak of my own orgasm. As I feel you get closer and closer, your body starts to quiver. I spank your ass and feel you cum right when my cock can’t take anymore.  You soak my dick as it cums deep inside of you, and once we stop shaking we collapse on the bed in the same position.